Innovation from Tradition

Started as a family owned business over 60 years ago, Vitalus Nutrition has never forgotten its roots as a community based, service focused organization that applies honest and ethical business practices when working with employees. Our growth from a small, family based local business to an internationally recognized supplier of customized dairy products has been achieved through the commitment of our progressive, knowledgeable, and experienced employees, the same employees who collaboratively work with customers.

Vitalus Nutrition recognizes that staff is key contributors to our success and operational effectiveness. Therefore, staff must be professional, qualified, committed, and supportive of our mission and purpose, and demonstrate our core values through their behaviours and actions. In return, Vitalus Nutrition provides an innovative, open, and caring work environment where staff are supported, developed, fairly compensated, and engaged.

Our Values based approach is:

  1. Strongly Rooted in Traditional Values & Community. We feel a sense of responsibility and loyalty towards our staff, customers, partners, and community. We hire good people to work with and continuously seek ways of maintaining a culture that keeps good people.
  1. Honest & Ethical. We believe in developing transparent collaborative relationships and practicing truthful communication. Our Respectful Workplace Policy supports collaboration and respect amongst our employees.
  1. Practical & Realistic. We understand limitations and constraints and look for ways to get beyond them. We know we can’t be first, but we’re a fast follower when developing human resources policies and practices.
  1. Solution Focused. Our staff apply an entrepreneurial business approach  – one that goes beyond traditional constraints. We apply the same entrepreneurial approach when working with our people.

If you would like to join a company that drives innovation but respects our tradition and our employees, please submit your application to work with our team of valued employees. We welcome your application.

Barbara Adams

Director Human Resources