A collaborative approach to answering your needs.

Meeting your exact needs is our priority, which is why our strength lies in our capacity for innovation and customization. Highly-skilled teams work closely with you to meet your exact requirements for new products, formulations and ingredients so you can create the highest quality value-added finished products.

Transforming fresh milk into pure protein.

We source our milk from Canada, where the use of natural or synthetic bovine growth hormones is strictly forbidden. The majority of our supply is located very close to our facilities, ensuring our milk is the freshest possible.

Quality control systems are implemented throughout all our facilities to ensure we meet not only our own rigorous testing requirements, but also that of our customers.

Our services

New Product Development & Customization:
Good things don’t just happen on their own. That’s why we have a dedicated team that works directly with you to understand your requirements for new products, new formulations and new ingredients. This ensures scalability, speed to market and overall success. From ideation to commercialization, we have the knowledge, experience and the right team to help you succeed.

Applications Team & Technical Support:
Our goal is to ensure you have the best ingredients for your formulation requirements. As dairy ingredient specialists, we provide unparalleled, knowledge-based support for our food, beverage and nutraceutical customers where we test and validate ingredient concepts, functionality and more in our on-site labs.

We serve the world and have the knowledge and experience to get your product where you want it, when you want it. Our dedicated teams of export and documentation specialists have earned a reputation for superior customer service.