Milk & Proteins: the heart of nutri-function

Milk, Life-sustaining nourishment.

Milk, the first source of nutrition that newborn babies consume, is a complex and multifunctional food that provides life-sustaining nourishment. Technological advances of the last several decades have seen milk’s unique components processed into many different ingredients as well as into a variety of finished food products.
The amino acids found in milk proteins play an essential role in the growth and maintenance of our bodies. As the human body cannot produce its own essential amino acids, they must be sourced from the foods we eat.

What are milk proteins?

Milk contains about 3.4% protein, which is comprised of 2 main proteins: Casein and Whey. Milk proteins are one of the best sources of natural proteins available. Equally featuring function, nutrition and economics, the proportions found in our milk proteins are virtually identical to those found in fluid milk. Combining the functional and nutritional benefits of casein and whey, milk proteins are one of the best forms of dairy protein available.

How does Vitalus Nutrition make milk proteins?

Vitalus Nutrition utilizes an ultrafiltration process, which is a gentle procedure that removes water, lactose and other portions of the milk to provide a purified protein product. This process requires no pH adjustment and keeps the protein intact and in its undenatured state. This product is then spray-dried in our state-of-the-art drying facilities. The milk proteins have a clean mild milky flavour, high level of bound calcium, good heat stability and high nutritional value.

Vitalus Nutrition sources its milk from Canada, where the use of natural or synthetic bovine growth hormones is not permitted. The high quality source of milk is the first contributing factor to creating an ingredient of the highest quality. Quality control systems are implemented throughout all of our facilities to ensure that we meet not only our own rigorous testing requirements, but also that of our customers.
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Our Applications and Technical Support Team have gathered some useful information about the biological, functional and nutritional properties of milk and whey protein and have compiled them into these Properties and Applications Guides below. Click on the links to download your copy today. If you would like further assistance from our Applications and Technical Support Team, email

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