Looking for the right protein? We’ve brought options.

Milk is a complex and multifunctional food – technological advances of the last several decades have seen milk’s unique components processed into many different ingredients as well as into a variety of finished food products.

Vitalus Nutrition extracts, purifies and customizes the high-value, high-function components of milk, allowing food product formulators to capitalize on the many functional and nutritional benefits that milk has to offer.

Whey Protein Concentrate Products

Whey proteins are considered to have the highest nutritional values of all food proteins. They have many nutritional, biological and functional properties that make them an excellent ingredient in a great variety of applications.

Milk Protein Products

Milk Protein Concentrates and Milk Protein Isolates (MPC’s and MPI’s) are proteins derived from liquid skim milk that have been concentrated to the desired protein levels, followed by a spray drying process.

Cream and Whipping Cream Products

Vitalus Nutrition’s Cream products are made from 100% fresh milk using a centrifugal separation process. Both pasteurized cream and whipping cream are Kosher certified.