What is Milk Protein Concentrate?

Milk proteins supply essential amino acids – the building blocks of protein. Protein, the body’s major building material, is amongst the most complex and important substance consumed in the daily diet. They are essential to every individual cell’s metabolic activities. The brain, muscles, blood, skin, hair, nails and the connective tissues that hold the body together are all made mostly of protein. Antibodies, enzymes and hormones are all constructed of proteins.

Milk protein concentrate is manufactured using gentle, low temperature ultra-filtration and advanced spray-drying technology. This process provides an ingredient suitable for a variety of food products such as bakery, dairy, meat, health and sports nutritional products, desserts, icings, soups and sauces. It is an excellent replacement for skim milk powder.

From a nutritional point-of-view, milk proteins…

  1. Provide a nutritional source of casein and whey proteins in their natural form
  2. Are an excellent source of dietary calcium
  3. Have a well-balanced amino acid profile

Vitalus Nutrition manufactures four different types of milk proteins to cover a wide variety of food and beverage applications. We offer a variety of protein levels: 70%, 80%, and 85%. A heat-stable milk protein is also available upon request. Email our team for more details at information@vitalus.com.

Milk Protein Concentrate Applications

Product Application:

Used as an ingredient in a wide variety of food applications, milk proteins are commonly found in infant formulas, enteral nutrition, bakery products, desserts, meat products, dairy-based dry mixes (i.e. coffee whitener), dairy-based drinks, sports nutrition and weight-loss beverages, protein bars, sauces, toppings as well as processed cheese products.

The composition and protein level are determining factors when choosing the best milk protein concentrate for your food applications. The Vitalus Nutrition Applications Team works closely with every customer to determine the best ingredient for their formulation requirements.

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Milk Protein Products:

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