Vitalus Nutrition Milk Protein Concentrate MPC 80%

Vitalus Nutrition’s Milk Protein Concentrate MPC 80 is manufactured from fresh skim milk using a gentle process of low temperature ultrafiltration and advanced spray-drying technique.

MPC 80 Properties Profile:

  • It has an excellent amino acid profile and is highly digestible
  • The native milk proteins, micellar casein and whey, found in MPC 80 are not denatured, providing outstanding ingredient functionality
  • It is highly soluble and heat-stable with low sedimentation and excellent emulsifying properties
  • It has a clean milky taste, light milky aroma and high opacity

What kind of food application is best for Milk Protein Concentrate MPC 80?

Sports Beverage & Protein Bars: MPC 80 is a superior protein source for liquid formulas such as sports drinks, because of its excellent amino acid profile and soluble properties.

Sauces and Soups: MPC 80 has excellent emulsification properties, which makes it a great thickener and emulsifier to give sauces and soups the right consistency.

Protein Fortified Milk: MPC 80 has a fresh milky taste, which makes it a great dairy ingredient for fortified milk beverages.

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