All about Whey Protein

Whey protein is considered to have the highest nutritional values of all food proteins. They have many nutritional, biological and functional properties that make them an excellent ingredient in a wide variety of food applications.

The health and nutritional values of whey components include:

  1. High quality source of amino acids
  2. Anti-microbial action
  3. Growth enhancement of beneficial microflora, such as bifidobacteria
  4. Cancer growth controlling properties

Whey proteins are rich in branched amino acids, components that provide energy for people such as professional athletes, who undergo intense or prolonged periods of exercise, and help prevent loss of body mass and muscle. Whey proteins are also readily digestible and completely bio-available.

Whey Protein Concentrate Applications

Product Application:

Whey proteins bring a wide range of valuable functional properties when used as food ingredients. They can modify some or all of the structural, textural and organoleptic properties of food, resulting in improved consumer acceptance of the food product.

Whey proteins are commonly used in the food processing industry for the following food applications:

Sports drink mixes, protein beverages and bars, dairy desserts, meat products, health food supplements, salad dressings, sauces, soups, baked goods, infant formula and more.

Whey Protein Products:

Vitalus Whey Protein Concentrate – low fat, higher levels of bioactive compounds and lactose, 29%–89% protein by weight, bland flavour.

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Vitalus Whey Protein Isolate – fat free, lactose free, lower bioactive compounds, 90%+ protein by weight, slightly milky taste.

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