Vitalus Whey Concentrate INPRO 80

Vitalus INPRO 80 is a whey protein concentrate manufactured from sweet cheese whey. It is manufactured using an ultra-filtration technique followed by a gentle spray-drying process in order to maintain protein integrity and to ensure the highest quality product.

INPRO 80 Properties Profile:

  • It is highly dispersible in a wide range of applications
  • It is highly bio-available source of dairy calcium
  • Its bland flavour profile allows for food formulation flexibility
  • An excellent ingredient for sports drink mixes and protein bars
  • Functional and nutritional characteristics makes it a versatile ingredient

What kind of food application is best for whey protein concentrate INPRO 80?

Vitalus whey protein concentrate INPRO 80 has a well-balanced amino acid profile and a high concentration of branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are essential protein for athletes and sports enthusiast seeking a healthy and balanced diet.

Protein Enriched Sports Drink: INPRO 80 is a highly bio-available source of dairy calcium, excellent for sports drink applications.

Meat Products: INPRO 80 has gelation and water retention properties that increase the cook-yield and improve the mouth-feel of meat products while also making them easier to slice.

Salad Dressing: The emulsifying properties of whey protein concentrate INPRO 80 is a very effective emulsifier perfect for making salad dressing.

Custards and Meringues: INPRO 80 also has foaming characteristics similar to egg whites, which makes it a cost effective ingredient for applications in custards and meringues dessert products.

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Whey Concentrate INPRO 80 Agglomerated (NZ) Spec Sheet »

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