Vitalus Whey Isolate INPRO 90

Vitalus INPRO 90 is a whey protein isolate manufactured with a unique process that incorporates low pressure, low temperature, ultra-microfiltration and advanced spray-drying technology. This process ensures minimal protein denaturation and produces a pure source of whey protein that is virtually fat-free, fully soluble and has a neutral flavour. INPRO 90 combines exceptional nutritional characteristics with beneficial physiological properties, making it an ideal choice for applications in sports drinks, protein bars, health food and clinical supplements.

INPRO 90 Properties Profile:

  • It has an excellent source of all the essential amino acids, including the highest levels of branched chain amino acids available from any protein source
  • It has a higher biological value than other protein sources such as egg white, soy and caseinate
  • It is low in fat and cholesterol – great for protein bars and health foods
  • It is soluble over a wide pH range – excellent for sports drink applications
  • It is also easily digestible
  • It contains biologically-active protein fractions such as glycomacropeptide

What kind of food application is best for whey protein isolate INPRO 90?

Vitalus whey protein isolate INPRO 90 is a natural food ingredient with excellent functional and nutritional traits, ideal for various foods and very popular for sports nutrition applications where protein fortification is needed.

Protein Enriched Sports Drink: INPRO 90 is soluble, which is great for sports drink applications.

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