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Equal Opportunity Employer

Everything we do has at the core, OUR PURPOSE “Improving lives by unlocking the nutritional value of milk” and OUR VALUES of Integrity, Care, and Expertise. At Vitalus, we believe that diversity of thought, strengths, abilities and interests are essential to the success of our business, for not only achieving results, but more importantly for creating a sense of belonging, engagement and creativity in our workplace. Inclusion is at the center of our value of CARE, and we are committed to equal opportunities for our people and delivering fair employment practices.

We recognize that our team prospers in an environment where they feel valued, recognized, and challenged to develop their skill-sets and qualifications. We are committed to investing in our people by providing programs that support their overall wellbeing (mind, body, soul).

Regardless of background, belief, and position, we are dedicated to creating and fostering a safe work environment that encourages collaboration, nurtures recognition, and is engaged in pursuing our purpose.

At Vitalus, we are proud to be an equal opportunity employer.  “I am truly energized to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to equal opportunity and fair business practices that are grounded by our core values of CARE, INTEGRITY, EXPERTISE!” -Gina Pasqualini Softly, Director, Human Resources at Vitalus Nutrition.