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Food safety is essential to fully benefit from food’s role in our lives. With the peace of mind that food safety provides, we can enjoy the nutritional, mental, and social benefits of sharing a meal. Validated procedures and practices for manufacturing create consistent, predictable outcomes in the finished product. This consistency ensures safe food is always available and eliminates the risk of foodborne disease.

At Vitalus, our values of integrity, care, and expertise are at the core of our food safety practices.  Each team member takes responsibility for their choices to ensure we meet and exceed our food safety standards.  Our FSSC 22000 certified facilities have a safe quality management system that is accepted globally. We follow requirements to control and minimize food safety hazards as well as meet and exceed standards for safe workflows, communication, and processes. We undergo a thorough annual third-party audit and conduct over 40 internal audits throughout the year, performed by people in all departments. Quality is everyone’s business. First Pass Quality is a key performance indicator shared by our entire organization, which ensures we aim to make products right the first time.

Food safety is shared across the supply chain as well.  It is the priority in the operation of our manufacturing facilities, but it is also vital to ensure that our suppliers are held to the same standard. Our biggest ingredient is locally sourced milk. Canadian milk is collected and transported within 2 days of production at a temperature between 0 and 4°C to reduce bacterial growth. The milk is tested before unloading to ensure it meets food safety standards and does not contain antibiotics. To learn more about Canada’s strict dairy quality standards, visit

Vitalus’ customers are found around the world. This exposure to many different countries’ food safety system requirements allows us to improve our processes and helps us to maintain a food source that is safe, nutritious, sustainable, and meets the needs of our customers globally

We practice food safety every day to make sure our ingredients are produced in a safe, consistent manner. Heather Sarling, Director, Corporate Quality, summed it up well when she said, “We all work together to provide safe food of consistent high quality because everyone deserves the right to safe, nutritious food.”