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Vitalus Supports Dairy Farmer Flood Relief Fund


ABBOTSFORD, B.C., Dec. 06, 2021 — Vitalus Nutrition Inc., an Abbotsford based company that processes raw milk into specialized dairy ingredients, has donated $100,000 to the BC Dairy Association Flood Relief Fund.

The money will go directly to help Fraser Valley dairy farmers rebuild after devastating floods damaged their properties, equipment and homes with significant loss of livestock.

Vitalus is also dedicating the annual fundraising efforts by its 104 employees during the Month of Giving to dairy farmers flood relief and matching employee contributions dollar for dollar. As well, the company is supporting employees who are volunteering their time to assist in the rebuilding effort.

“We have strong roots in the community and some of our own employees have been directly impacted by the catastrophic flooding and evacuations,” says Vitalus President and CEO Philip Vanderpol. “We want to support the dairy farmers who are our valued suppliers.”

Vanderpol says he was shocked and saddened when he toured the flooded Sumas Prairie region and visited farms. “It’s hard to imagine until you see the devastation. We are in business together. They rely on us to take their milk, we rely on them to provide a good quality product and we need to give them all our support now,” he says.

Vitalus has received numerous inquiries from its suppliers and customers wanting to help and they have been redirected to the BC Dairy Flood Relief Fund which has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars desperately needed for the cleanup and rebuilding effort.

“Everyone has come together to help in this extreme time of need. We hope our donations inspire our industry partners, vendors and customers to give as much as possible to support our dairy farmers as they work together to get back on their feet,” Philip Vanderpol says.

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